Statutes require insurers to give Florida homeowners discounts/credits for features that reduce damage & loss in windstorms. Discounts are available for any of the following wind resistant features a home may have:

  • Homes constructed since 3/1/2002
  • Roof coverings replaced since 3/1/2002
  • Hip roofs
  • Self-adhered underlay on entire roof deck
  • Hurricane clips/straps securing trusses to exterior walls
  • Hurricane shutters covering every window and door
  • Credits for how the roof deck is nailed to trusses/rafters

Meeting just two or three of the credits listed will often earn owners a few hundred dollars per year in discounts, and nearly 90% of homes already have one or more wind mitigating design features, qualifying for savings.

To apply, a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection (UMVI) form must be completed, including photos, by a licensed inspector. 360 Home Inspections, LLC would be  happy to help you save money. Call for an appointment, and we can discuss whether your home qualifies.