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Whether you’re buying, selling, building, or insuring our licensed & insured home inspector will provide complete, precise information about your home through comprehensive inspection reporting.

Justin Huffman is a Florida Licensed Home Inspector (No. HI12683) and has met the current and most rigorous education and testing requirements for the profession. He is a certified NACHI inspector and has over 15 years of hands-on experience with both residential and commercial, new construction and renovation projects. There is no part of a home’s structure, systems or finishes where he does not have expertise.

This complimentary blend of knowledge and experience, along with easy to understand inspection reports, provides 360’s clients with thorough and accurate home inspections, giving you peace of mind to make educated and successful investments as a homeowner.

“I’ve worked with Justin for years now flipping houses, first when he was in construction, and now with 360 for both pre and post inspections of properties. Before Majestic purchases a home, Justin checks it out thoroughly, making sure we don’t miss any issues that could mean large remodel expenses, and just before we list, we have him check again for any small items that might come up on a buyer’s independent inspection report. It makes the selling process smooth and easy both for us and our clients. Trust him to take care of you as well as he takes care of our business.”

– Travis Scott, Majestic Homes, LLC

Majestic Homes, LLC, Majestic Homes, LLC

“If you’re looking for an amazing home inspector, Justin is the guy to talk to! Setting up the inspection was extremely easy and he was very personable. As a first time home buyer, it made me feel more at ease when he took the time to explain the process and answer the hundreds of questions that I had. The inspection report was given to me within a couple of hours of him finishing the inspection, and he took the time to go over it with me line for line to make sure that I felt good about my decision. He even explained to me how to fix some of the minor repairs that were needed. The whole home buying process made me feel uneasy, and I was unsure I was making the right decision until Justin went over his inspection with me. If you’re in the market for a home, make sure you contact Justin Huffman IMMEDIATELY. You won’t regret it!!

– Brad Baker, Home Owner

Brad Baker, Home Owner

“Review coming soon…”

– Robert & Ellis Gee, Homeowners

The Gee's, Homeowners

“Review coming soon.”

– Chris & Stephanie Eldridge, Eldridge Home Team, Keller Williams Town & Country

Eldridge Home Team, Keller Williams Town & Country